Chris Stephens

Re-Elect Chris Stephens – Glasgow South West

My record since being elected
as Glasgow South West MP in 2015


Since becoming MP Chris’ Office has created over 25,000 cases for constituents. That’s more than 1 in 3 of all constituents in Glasgow South West.


Chris is the 2nd highest signatory to Early Day Motions (EDM’s) in the House of Commons and the most prolific signatory in the SNP Westminster team. He has submitted the highest number of EDM’s in the Westminster SNP group, recognising the work done by people and organisations in Glasgow South West.


Chris has made 877 spoken contributions and voted 793 times since re-elected in 2019. He has asked 758 Parliamentary Questions.


Chris has raised 33 Presentation Bills (Private Members Bills) in the House of Commons since 2019.

Re-elect Chris Stephens – Glasgow South West

Loads of numbers. What they all add up to is that every day Chris is looking out for the interests of the Glasgow South West constituents as your MP.

Let’s not let the good people of Glasgow South West lose Chris. There’s no guarantee another incumbent will work as hard as Chris has done.